Parsec Disc Golf Rangefinder

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Disc golf is a game of precision – being off by a few meters can mean the difference between birdie or bogey, driver or midrange, winning or losing. When you need confidence in your shot selection, turn to the Parsec Laser Rangefinder for pinpoint distance measurement. Using the time of flight principle, the Parsec sends a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the basket and then measures the time it takes for that laser to be reflected back to the sender. This instant data will give users an accurate distance measurement from which to make their disc selection.

The Parsec’s features include:

  • 790 meters of effective ranging
  • 6x magnification
  • Multiple measurement modes (linear, height, slope)
  • Target-lock vibration
  • Magnetic cart mount
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.

Each Parsec also comes with its own USB charging cable, microfiber cleaning cloth, and its very own protective carrying case! Take your game to the next level today with the Parsec.

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